Somatic Exercise Coaching



What is Somatics?

Somatics comes from the Greek word ‘somatikos’ which means experiencing the body from within. Somatic Exercise Coaching, as taught in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, is a way to overcome physical pain and restore the body to good health.


Why do it?

Physical pain in the body can occur due to muscles that have become tight and contracted as a result of stress, injury and poor posture. These tight muscles learn to stay tight due to reflexive responses sent to the brain. Somatic exercises aim to reprogram the body and in the process relax the muscles.


How does it work?

Somatic Exercise Coaching stimulates the brain and sensory motor system to change the muscular system by changing the central nervous system. The client learns to re-train their brain to relax muscles through slow, intelligent movements. As sensory motor control improves, muscle tension is eliminated and pain goes away.


What are the benefits?

The client learns to regain control over those areas that are stuck in a state of tension and develop increased flexibility and movement.